How to Remove Gum from Concrete and Buildings. Innovations Makes it Easy!

Dec 05,2018 | Innovation Admin

Nearly everyone can agree how unsightly the appearance of dried gum can be on a sidewalk, street, or building. Believe it or not, sun-exposed gum on concrete surfaces also paves the way for a host of issues that not only affect structures but people as well. To top all of this off, gum is notoriously hard to remove, its chemical structure adhering with ease and baking into floors and walls with exposure to the elements.

How, then, does a property owner take care of an issue like gum removal. Many companies offer procedures that claim to help remove unwanted blemishes on concrete and other surfaces, but careful steps need to be taken to ensure no harm is done to the original structures. An improper combination of heat and pressure can cause stains to remain after the gum has been removed, or worse, change the composition of the underlying surface. Innovations Carpet and Tile Cleaning, however, offers years of experience in commercial gum removal and surface cleaning, ensuring a custom fit job no matter how severe the issue. In this article, we will discuss some of the risks associated with gum adhesion, as well as best practices for removal and cleaning with the experts at Innovations.

A Sticky Situation

Chewing gum’s unique chemical properties are the reason why it’s such a pain to clean from surfaces. Natural gum base is what’s called a “polymer,” which is a type of material found in plastics and rubber. These complex molecules don’t break down easily when exposed to the elements, and instead settle on their adhered surface. Over time, a combination of sun and weather exposure, foot traffic, and dirt sticking to the gum causes the spot to become black and sooty. This is why city streets all over the world can be found with oddly sized and shaped black spots in pedestrian areas.

A Sticky Situation

Not Just  Littering

In addition to looking unsightly, gum on the sidewalk, streets, and building surfaces presents a host of other issues. For starters, spitting gum on the ground is, in a sense, a kind of littering. 80-90% of chewing gum is non-biodegradable, putting animals nearby that may eat the chewed gum before it settles at risk (after all, you can’t digest gum either, and the animals that will try to eat it are often much smaller than you.) Additionally, because gum is chewed in the mouth, discarded gum can contain a multitude of bacteria that can easily spread with those who come into contact with it. Visitors to your place of business may find themselves frustrated by stepping in the gum outside as well, leading to complaints and potentially slower business traffic. Lastly, and most importantly, long sitting gum can stain or erode concrete or stone surfaces its adhered to, leading to permanent markings even after gum is removed.

Not Just  Littering

Pressure Washing Takes the Pressure Away

 Pressure Washing Takes the Pressure Away

At the end of the day, the best solution to gum coverage is thorough, guided pressure washing of the problem surface area. Pressure washing utilizes high pressure jets of water (hot or cold) to blast away grime and debris for a smooth, clean surface. Gum, despite its persistence, is not immune to the effects of pressure washing due to the unique way in which hot water washing works to soften the structural composition of the gum, causing it to essentially melt away from the surface. Hot water pressure washing also has the added benefit of disinfecting the problem surface, as many kinds of bacteria cannot survive at high temperatures and pressures. This process eliminates multiple issues with a single solution, and best of all, prevents the emergence of stains from the gum coverage.

At Innovations, we understand that efficient gum removal jobs with proven results require the newest and best in pressure washing technology. That’s why we outfit our professional team of surfacing specialists with the latest equipment from some of the most respected brands in the world of industrial cleaning. Our professional team is available for emergency cleaning and restoration, with clear, straightforward pricing and options for every project, no matter how sticky. With Innovations, your gummed-up surfaces will look and feel new, helping them last for years to come. Call us today and experience the difference with Innovations.

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