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Service Received: Pet Stain Removal

“Since our puppy first came home, I’ve sadly watched the destruction of our carpet from stains and abuse in real-time. Now that a year has passed and he’s grown up, I was debating replacing the carpet altogether. I’m so glad I didn’t, because Innovations has easily given me another few years of life out of my floor. It looks spectacular! After the consultation, I was advised on the best way to proceed, and the cleaners took care of the rest. I don’t even see the stains anymore. Well done!”

- Rod Williams
Las Vagus, Nevada


Service Received: Commercial Kitchen Floor Cleaning

“Running a restaurant kitchen requires a lot of upkeep, since the space is high-traffic with heavy wear and tear. After 5 years in business, I figured it was time to fully recondition the surfaces so the place sparkled again. After calling Innovations, I was extremely impressed. The consultation made the entire process clear and simple, and I was thrilled by the results. The kitchen had aged a lot since the day I started here, but I’m getting flashbacks seeing now new it looks. I highly recommend.”

- Steven Sanders
Henderson, Nevada


Service Received: Commercial Gum Removal

“Innovations has you covered! My office building is located in a high traffic area, so we get a lot of pedestrians...meaning a lot of gum on the ground. After a few years in our location, the sidewalk looked awful, so I decided it was time to do something about it. Not only was Innovations fast, but extremely thorough. I barely recognize the sidewalk anymore. So grateful that the cleaners took the time to hear me out and take care of my needs. Not everyone considers this a priority, but I do and I’m glad Innovations felt the same as me. 5 stars!”

- Ralph Lewis
Henderson, Nevada